• import sqlite3
    from sqlite3 import Error
    def create_connection(db_file):
        """ create a database connection to the SQLite database
            specified by db_file
        :param db_file: database file
        :return: Connection object or None
        conn = None
            conn = sqlite3.connect(db_file)
        except Error as e:
        return conn
    def create_task(conn, task):
        Create a new task
        :param conn:
        :param task:
        sql = ''' INSERT INTO main_post(title,content,category,created_on,tag,post_status)
                  VALUES(?,?,?,?,?,?) '''
        cur = conn.cursor()
        cur.execute(sql, task)
        return cur.lastrowid
    database = r"Desktop\django-blog\blog\db.sqlite3"
    conn = create_connection(database)
    ## 可以反复使用
    id = create_task(conn, (x[1], x[2], category, x[4], html, 1))

    参考SQLite Python: Inserting Data